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Introducing the CG Garage podcast’s first-ever virtual guest: PHIA, AKA Sophia Bollinger. In the space of little over a year, PHIA’s “The Virtual Reality Show” has amassed over 100,000 YouTube and Twitch subscribers who tune in to find out about the latest tech and trends in VR. At the same time, she’s become a virtual celebrity, and running the show has become her full-time job.

In this podcast, which is better watched than listened-to, the enthusiastic VR expert tells Chris why she started the channel. She talks about how the virtual world can offer a haven from the real one and discusses some of the more unusual phenomena that come about as a result of fooling your brain into thinking the virtual is real. You’ll learn what the best tech for a modern VR setup is—as well as PHIA’s ambitious plans for the future.

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