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Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Pedro Conti has created some truly impressive work. As well as contributing to Disney’s Moana as a VFX artist, he created hilarious short “One More Beer,” and directed the touching music video for Ron Artis II’s song “In My Heart.” But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Pedro — this sensitive soul has faced some challenging moments.

In this podcast, recorded at THU 2019 earlier this year, Pedro tells Chris how he got into graphics with his dad and taught himself 3D techniques. He talks about the dramatic contrasts between living in Rio, with no hot water and plenty of rats, and Burbank, where he worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He also delves into the happy and sad moments he’s had since he moved back to Brazil as well as the big part music has played throughout his life.

Join Pedro, and many more incredible speakers, at Total Chaos 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria, May 29 — 31.

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